Monday, March 29, 2010

Coventry's Weekly Round Up: Phish 3D Trailer, Yamn, LOST, Dana Immanuel, Jay-Z/STS9, and new MGMT

Another fun week in the life including the release of the Phish 3D trailer. I masturbated at least seven times while watching and anticipating of seeing wooks and glowsticks in 3D! Anyway, here's what you missed on Coventry last week.
Phish 3D Movie Trailer
Nashville by Dana Immanuel
Chatroullete Bingo.. A Game for the lulz..
LOST: Ab Aeterno
Yamn at the Fox Theatre
Jay-Z and STS9 - Denver, CO
SXSW 2010: Broken Bells, Live In Concert
I dunno if any of these can bring you to a screeching orgasm, but hey, give it whirl and get back to us...

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