On the Cusp of the Summer Tour Annoucement - Alpine Valley Rumblings

Would you buy an extra from this dude?

Time to dust off those empty nitrous tanks and hit your buddy up for a refill!

We all know that the Phish will return to Brahorado and that Telluride is in the bag. One of our trusted sources (who was right in the past about Hampton reunion, Red Rocks, and Fenway) mentioned that the boys will be throwing down for two nights at Alpine Valley. He said the "13th and 14th" and we gotta assume he means August, which would have Phish going left to right (West to East for your directionally-challenged burners). So you have to assume the Phish carnival of freaks will be invading the West Coast in late July and early August (umm... the Gorge, perhaps the Greek). Yikes, Colorado to Wisconsin in two days? That's a long haul. Then again, Phish had scheduled Gorge > Chicago last summer.

Maybe our guy means July 13-14? (Editor's Note: Could also mean June 13-14 since Phish will be splitting up summer tour again into 2 legs.)

Stay tuned for more unconfirmed and underminded rumors.
Summer Second Leg Tour Dates?
July/Aug ?? - The Gorge
Aug ?? - The Greek, Berkeley, CA
Aug 8 - The Joker's Backyard, Denver, CO
Aug 9 - Telluride, CO
Aug 10 - Telluride, CO
Aug 13 - Alpine Valley
Aug 14 - Apline Valley
By the way, that's our buddy Wildo in the photo above. He was hustling his extras in from of AAA during the Miami run. If you ever see him in the lot, we here at Coventry vouch for his sanity.


the joker said…
seems like a lot of poeple out there think there is going to be some june dates...
Pauly said…
I should have clarified... same thing as last summer two doses of Phish -- East Coast Swing in early summer and a West Coast Swing in August.

So the 13/14 could be June.
Anonymous said…
Sleep Inn 5 miles from Alpine Valley is confirming Aug 13/14. Room rates for that weekend have shot up from 89.00 normally to 299.00 per night
Unknown said…
FWIW, if it's the 13th and 14th, then it has to be in August, because Alpine only has shows on Friday, Saturday or Sunday nights in the summer. August would be a Friday and Saturday, which fits.
Pauly said…
Thanks Travis and Bartnder!
Ruben Bailey said…
At least 3 nights at the Greek n Berkeley pre-Telluride. Book it.
Pauly said…
Ruben speaks -- I listen!
Unknown said…
I agree about Alpine, but put my $ on June 4 & 5, right before 4 nights @ Deer Creek.
Unknown said…
4 nights at Deer Creek is a wet dream, but highly unlikely. 2 or 3 is much more realistic.
Phishentine said…
2 @ Alpine

1 @ Wrigley


3 @ Deer Creek

Henry Holland said…
Dr. Pauly, any whispers about SoCal dates or are they going to screw us again and make us wait until another festival at Indio? Hollywood Bowl would be perfect.
Wildo said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wildo said…
Glad to hear that Coventry vouches for my sanity, my parents and the gnomes that live in my closet think otherwise!

For selfish reasons, I'm hoping that Phish @ the Gorge is the same weekend as SCI @ RR, that way I have a "reason" to miss SCI at the rocks without losing my SCI lot cred.


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