Barber's New Guitar

Since we all agree he can't sing, it is very important that Barber have the right guitar with the right tone. Most Bisco kids love the sound of the Gibson, but it seems Barber is searching for something different. He tried a PRS for a while, but that guitar was smashed a few shows back.

There are reports of a new guitar, and here is a pic from the Becker web site. I think they are quite unique...kinda reminds me of a cinnamon roll. Mmm. Cinnamon rolls.

Becker Guitars

***Editor's Note: I got these pics off the Becker web site, which seem to be the right company the guitars come from. These are stock photos off of their web site, and this post has been corrected after the comment below.


Unknown said…
Hey guys - Barber has indeed checked out our instruments, and loved them! We met up with him at the Lupo's show in Providence, then followed the band over to Worcester, and most recently: NYC last night.
I am the one of the 3 associated with Becker Guitars, and I do want to mention, that the guitars in the photo shown are Pawar guitars - not ours. The bun idea is similar I suppose, but check out our site if you wanna see the real thing! :)

Unknown said…
yes! those are the ones!

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