Girl Talk and DJ-ing

I think it is kinda strange being a DJ.

DJs are basically serving up things that they think you will like. Or should like. What makes a good DJ? Playing the right song at the right time. The flow. Keeping the energy up.

I do not possess the skills to be a real DJ, one that studies the music and the beats and truly knows how to weave things together to create something new. DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, RJD2...these guys are amazing. I wonder sometimes how they started out.

I am a DJ, but I do weddings, bar mitzvahs, proms. Hilarious. Strange. Awesome. Horrible. It is all of these things. The wedding season is back...I am doing lots of weddings in the upcoming months. Updates to follow.

I wish that I could do some mash ups like this guy Girl Talk. Check out his 2006 effort Night Ripper- I think it is great. He does not stay on one song too long- you will recognize 4 or 5 songs in 2 minutes a lot of times. Its Saturday- turn it up and have a dance party tonight!


Anonymous said…
Since Btreotch has passed along Girl Talk to me, I've found he gets the job done while running or doing a session of cardio.


For just plain, ole' thumpin' and feeling fabulously pseudo ghetto for a second.

I already encouraged "Love Shack" for your selection of songs.

The bride will love it.
Pauly said…
Sickness. Pure sickness. Great work.

I loved hearing... "Face down ass up..."
BTreotch said…
What about this?

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