Radical Face

Meet Ben Cooper.

Ben lives in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

He makes music under the name, Radical Face.

I saw him on Current recently.

So, I wrote Ben.

He responded.

Ahoy there.

I rarely play shows, to be honest. I don't have a live band, which hinders things. So I play maybe two or three sets a year. If that.

I may do some this Summer, though. I'm planning on it.

And thanks. Glad you liked the pod. It was odd being followed by a cameraman for three days, but interesting too.

How's Ocala treating you?

I like Radical Face.

I think you will, too.

Ghost (2007)


Anonymous said…
Ka-POW. I love your red-headed goodness. Let's be friends!
BTreotch said…
Just getting around to listening.. Really like it so far..

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