Phish Reunion 2.0 and Summer Tour!

Yes, there is a God. And, he got the band back together. At least he convinced the fabulous Vermont four (and founding fathers of cow funk) to announce they will be reuniting for the first time since their Coventry shows in August of 2004.

Basically, the Joker and I are quitting our jobs and we're hitting the road with Phish this summer.

I got this press release:
Phish is both excited and pleased to announce that they will be reuniting for two shows at Radio City Music Hall in early June, followed by a brief summer tour. There are no scheduled dates beyond that, however the band is in the process of working out details for a Fall Tour starting on the east coast and ending up with a Halloween concert in Las Vegas.

"We're excited to play again," said Page McConnell. "We have been secretly practicing for the last two months. We wanted to feel each other out before we officially made the decision to announce our second reunion."

Visit for more information. Ticket information will be released shortly.
Wow, that's all I can say. Wow.


ericwyman said…
What's today's date again?
jeciimd said…
mean, dude....JUST..PLAIN....MEAN!
(and yes, you got me)
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Thats not funny. Your not fooling anyone...lifting my hopes just to cut them down. LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! keep it up and cover more bisco ;)

pieces of love
lover of peace
Anonymous said…
I was so excited, I jumped out of my panties. I started to do further research and than I realized that this was a April fools joke. You suck.
Anonymous said…
haha wow that has to be one of the most cruel april fools jokes ever pulled. you had me there for a little while.
Anonymous said…
you sick bastard

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