Mel Tillis

"He’s a country western star from the good ole’ days!” my Mom exclaimed as she burst through the door waving a piece of paper in front of me.

“Who? Who did you meet at Publix?” I dared to ask, fearful that all of my Mother’s confidence in my music knowledge just went down the drain.

“MEL TILLIS! And we actually had a conversation!” shouted Mom with a gleeful change in the pitch of her voice.

My fingers immediately flew to the keys of my laptop to uncover the identity of this star as my Mom did a dance around the living room.

I giggled to myself as I found such songs of his titled Coca Cola Cowboy and Your Body Is An Outlaw.

A quick search revealed that Mel started his career in the ‘50’s. In 1976 he became inducted into the Nashville Songwriters International Hall of Fame. That same year, he was named Country Music Association’s (CMA) Entertainer of the Year.

The Grand Ole Opry inducted him as a member in 2007.

He has written over 1,000 songs, and approximately 600 have been recorded by artists, including Kenny Rogers and George Strait. Ricky Skaggs recorded Mr. Tillis’ song, Honey Open That Door, a personal favorite that I remember from when I was a young strawberry.

I guess this goes to show that no matter what music gets you goin’ – allow it to be a true outburst of your soul!


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