Monday, June 16, 2008

Bonnaroo Summary Recap: The best Bonnaroo news pieced together on the web.

When is someone gonna be like me and just live blog the whole thing? Geez.

Here is what I can piece together in between work Monday morning:

Some Dude put together a great day-by-day recap over at Hidden Track.

Metallica Played their old stuff and kicked ass Friday night.

My Morning Jacket played an epic late night set with a horn section and a face-melting "One Big Holiday" with Kirk Hammett (Metallica). The set was recorded and can be seen on FuseTV, if you can figure out where that channel is. YouTube Link to "Evil Urges" at Bonnaroo 2008.

Pearl Jam played an epic set on Saturday night.
YouTube of "Alive"...

Kanye West started his late night set 2 hours late (Starting at 4:30am ish instead of 2:30am ish), but no one seems to be 100% sure why. According to the web, here is why Kanye started late:
1. He hates white people and/or hippies
2. He is a Diva
3. He didn't want to play while other artists were playing
4. His stage set was so elaborate that they could not get it set up...
5. Kanye's camp seems to be blaming Pearl Jam for melting faces for longer than they should have (proving points 1,2, and 4).

The Olsen Twins were at Bonnaroo and are Jack Johnson fans, and our friends at have a good start at a paparazzi career:

Kurt654 recorded the bonnaroo webcasts and its all up on YouTube.

Scotty B over at Hidden Track has an amazing post with YouTube links galore. Good job, Scotty!
I will be posting good videos that I can find as they come available.

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