Saturday, June 07, 2008

Wakarusa Saturday Live Blog

11:09 AM
Its a gusty, windy morning. Its a miracle our neighbor's shade didn't fly through us in the night. I think I finally fell asleep around 4:30 AM and woke up around 9:30 AM without any sleep aids. I feel pretty good all things considered.

All of us feel like we enjoyed the Cake show the best from yesterday. Granted our views could be skewed a little bit because we were partying late night at a festival, but really it was a funky sing along and I danced my ass off. Cake gave away a cherry tree to an audience member that knew the answer to the question: "How long did the US Civil War last?"

I have some videos and more pics from my real camera that I tried to upload, but the connection is just too slow. Pics of the stage from my crackberry are pretty shitty so I havent used many of them.

So far I really like the vibe of this festival. Its not too big and everyone we have met has been very friendly. Lots of chill people from the midwest, very few sketchy people.

1:10 Took a shower and i am a new man. We are enjoying hanging around the campsites. Lissy cooked us bacon. Met E.N. May who is also updating . Check him out over there!

3:54 pm tawny, lissy and I drive into town for supplies. On the shopping list at super target: canned food (for a poster from conscious alliance), propane, beer, bunny tail (for tawny), cheese, and ice.

5:57 back at camp. We stopped by the dollar store on the way back and picked up a few silly things to wear and give away. Its still pretty windy.

I am checking out a band called Redux at the small stage in the campsites. They are a four piece from NYC. They are good and I would check them out again. Their guitarist is talented and has listened to Trey. A funky phisy dance party.

Plus, a hot blonde with implants is showing them off by letting her shirt blow open in the wind while she dances in front of the stage. I sieze the day and introduce myself. Her name is jennifer and asks me to dance. The engagement ring/wedding ring on her finger does not seem to slow her down. I gave her some mardi gras beads because after all, she did show me her tits. Don't worry, I got a #1 and video.

7:17 still getting ready. We are going to be giving out awards tonight. So far the categories are:
1. Best male boogie
2. Best female money maker shaker
3. Flattest brim
4. Best shit-eating grin
5. 1st place in life

There may be others, stay tuned.

8:00 leftover salmon

8:35 passing lissy on the way to the porta potties "this is bluegrass!" Yep.

9:21 setbreak before sts9. Radiohead's "all I need" is playing. A few people in the crowd get it and we exchange grins. Woa now faust arp just started...

9:40 its just a bunch of kids dancing to the sts9 sound guys play with the instruments but it is pretty funny.

There are green lasers in the crowd and on stage. Is this safe? What happens if you cross the beams?

10:05 sts9
Shock doctrine
(Yeah this is old sts9 like I know! Lights gook sick tonight too.)
(Ok for a variety of reasons I have lost track of the setlist)
Economic hitman?
One a day
Encore: ramone + emiglio

Listen up, kiddos. That was a great sts9 show. The crackberry juice is running out, ill check back in with you as technology and sobriety allows.

2:14 am
We all think that was one of the best sts9 shows we have seen in a long time. they had lasers on stage, did i mention that?

after an intense sts9 show it was actually nice to come over an chill out to keller williams. i have a new appreciation for him, been a long time ignorer but it was really nice tonight to hear the soothing sounds of keller's covers.

We are back at the campsites, making a pit stop for some coctails and listening to the jamtronica show on Sirius. i hope marc brownstein reads this right now: what up brownie!!! shut the fuck up about umphreys and play some biscuitss. thanks love you bye.

3:04am everyone should be proud: we are going back for 1 more hour of untz with ozric tentacles.

4:07 am nobody is going home yet! Tea leaf green is still rockin. And by that I mean a tent full of people just raging.

4:34 am the last band to play is "dirtfoot". They play a great rendition of "folsom prison blues" into their own "rhinestone ring". I somehow misheard that last song as "greasy eyed granny" which the band members say is the name of their next new song. Maybe its time to go home.after a huddle of the "cigarette lighting support group" (about 20 kids huddled around trying to light up in the kansas wind. Team wakarusa wonders back to camp because there simply is no where else to go.


Scottasin (Cap'n Awesome) said...

Thats pretty funny. Cake did the same thing (without the question) at a show in Grand Rapids on thursday night.

BTreotch said...

Which Beer is Best?

Anonymous said...

Yeah well fuck those people. I won a 25$ gift certificate to a rib place for knowing how many stars there are in the confederate flag on the radio this morning. Totally guessed and still got it; fuckin rednecks probably don't even know

Anonymous said...

Showering is for panzies! Wash your stuff with a wash cloth and dollar soap at the water stations like all the other wooks you sad excuse for a festy veteran