Friday, June 06, 2008

Radiohead Setlist 6/6/08 - Dublin, Ireland

Here's the unofficial setlist for Radiohead's show at Malahide in Dublin, Ireland.

Radiohead Set List - 6/6/08 Dublin, Ireland

Set 1: All I Need, There There, Lucky, Bangers + Mash, 15 Step, Nude, Pyramid Song, Optimistic, Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, National Anthem, Idioteque, Reckoner, House of Cards, Everything In Its Right Place, Faust Arp, Bodysnatchers, Videotape

Encore 1: The Gloaming, You And Whose Army?, Myxomatosis, My Iron Lung, How to Disappear Completely

Encore 2: Supercollider, Just, Paranoid Android
Stay tuned for more setlist info for future shows in... Dublin; Paris, France; Nimes, France, Barcelona, Spain; Milan, Italy, Scotland, Germany, and the UK.


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C. said...

A couple of other blogs make reference to it as a new song with Thom playing piano only. I'll report back tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Missing one mate. They ended the first encore with 'How to disappear completely' which got the usual Irish cheer for the 'float down the Liffey' line.
Supercollider was right out of the top drawer. Described it as something he's been 'kicking around' for a little while. Great lyrics.