Widespread Panic Friday Red Rocks Live Blog

4:38 We have been to the liquor store and are stocked. We will be heading to the Red Rocks lots shortly.

I have spent the afternoon coordinating with the people in the crew on costumes and Steve and Bjorn have gone up there early to get in line. It is a big deal to get to Red Rocks early with your tarp for your crew to save space. The doors open at 5:30 but people have been lined up all day to get a good spot.

7:00 we had a magical moment in the lot. I was driving seperate from the rest of the crew yet somehow I pulled in and parked directly behinf them. The lot scene in lower south has been mild so far. We are drinking some beers and will go in soon. The rumor is that they are going to start on time this year at 7:30.

7:30 ok so they started at 7. We are bad panic fans because we are not even in yet. Todd and aimee are discussing breakfast. Todd would like to remind everyone a balanced breakfast. I just got offered "a mostly cold pbr" at the entrance where you have to throw away your alcohol. I declined.

7:40 we found the tarp crew. I'm getting beer.

Old neighborhood
Who do you belong to
Angels on high
Help me somebody
Vampire blues*
Makes sense to me*

8:07 setbreak
It is finally getting dark.
Porch song (slow)
Slippin into darkness**
Suprise valley(a joker favorite)>
Bust it Big>
Suprise valley>
Low spark of high heeled boys>
Low spark>
E: Up all night
Ain't Life Grand

*with mark ford
**ivan nevelle on keyboards

9:20 you know, I think schools has lost some weight. Seriously.

12:02 Kinda a dramatic show for me personally. Sorry for the lack of updates, we will be back tomorrow with a funner vibe.


Anonymous said…
whats new
Anonymous said…
i was thinking tha same about schools. saw them a few days ago and noticed it. good for him

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