Thursday, June 19, 2008

Japan Phish Mix

I made a mix of some of my favorite selections from Phish's 2000 tour of Japan. I picked up the MP3s courtesy of Thanks guys.

Download Phish 2000 Japan Tour Mix - Part 1
Download Phish 2000 Japan Tour Mix - Part 2

Here's what on the mix...
Phish 2000 Japan Mix:
------ Part 1 -------
1. Wilson (Nagoya 6.12)
2. AC/DC Bag (Osaka 6.15)
3. Cities (Fukuoka 6.14)
4. Lizards (Osaka 6.15)
5. 2001 (Fukuoka 6.14)
6. Sample in a Jar (Osaka 6.16)
7. First Tube (Osaka 6.16)
8. Wolfman's Brother (Nagoya 6.12)
------ Part 2 -------
9. Carini (Fukuoka 6.14)
10. Antelope (Nagoya 6.12)
11. Mike's Song (Nagoya 6.12)
12. Simple (Nagoya 6.12)
13. Weekapaug Groove (Nagoya 6.12)
14. Divided Sky (Osaka 6.15)
15. Slave to the Traffic Light (Osaka 6.16)
* * * * *

Just in case you missed it, I wrote up my misadventures on Phish's tour through Japan in June of 2000. The Japanese version of Today in Phistory was one of the projects that I worked on before I moved to Vegas for the summer. Tons of fun. Made me really miss Phish and my time in Japan.

Here are the write ups and reviews...
6/16/2000 Osaka, Japan
6/15/2000 Osaka, Japan
6/14/2000 Fukuoka, Japan
6/13/2000 Nagoya, Japan
6/11/2000 Tokyo, Japan
6/10/2000 Tokyo, Japan
6/9/2000 Tokyo, Japan
Enjoy the mix!


Anonymous said...


Any way you can post what shows each song is from?


Anonymous said...

is the mix SB?

Pauly said...

I added the show dates....

peacecorn said...

Got this email today:

This dude with a lot of taper credibility posted this to taperssection last night:

"Backstage at Bonnaroo this year, I ran into a longtime friend and former touring employee of Phish. He said that Phish was gearing up for a large batch of summer 2009 shows. The Bonnaroo site is rumored to be among the places Phish is considering. Word has it that Phish wants to rent the Bonnaroo site for 3 days in July 2009.

I've known him for 15 years, so I'm thinking there must be some truth to it."