Sunday, June 08, 2008

Wakarusa Sunday Live Blog

unoffical sts9 setlist from last night (saturday)
118 (reworked)
1 i o i 1->
be nice->
1 i o i 1
Inspire strikes back
one a day
f word
Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature
ramone + emiglio

Got some sleep, today it seems a little overcast and it is keeping down the temperature to a reasonable level to be able to nap.

after 4 hours of sleep I got to say that STS9 show last night gets a thumbs_up from me.

What up PT? If you want to discuss phish or hate on anything at all, including me but dont have the balls to leave a comment here, check it out...Phantasy Tour phish.

3:30 we rally and walk over to the main stage to see Tea Leaf Green, who are playing an energetic set. Hard to believe they were raging with us at 4am last night.

We dropped of cans at the conscious alliance booth & chat with Gavin. Posters from both conscious alliance and the official wakarusa poster look really nice.

Have I mentioned that the WIND IS STILL FUCKING GUSTING?!? Kansas blows.

4:05 leftover salmon at the revival tent. I think 90% of the festival is under the shade in here. It has gotten pretty hot and everyone has gotten a lot of sun.

Emmylou Harris canceled, she is ill according to the girl at the gate giving out the revised schedule. Sucks she isn't feeling well. The avett bros got an extened set as a result and go from 7:30-9. I think I am looking forward to them the most today.

5:15pm we are at that 1 guy.
I enjoy him every time I see him. I can't imagine anyone driving around listening to his music but it is quite fascinating to see him and the magic pipe live.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if that 1 guy became rich/famous because of 1 weirdo song, kinda like weird al or something. I could totally see one of his songs being used in a commercial or movie that is just weird enough to be a hit. The one he is playing right now is a good contender: butt machine.

Speaking of which I am predicting disaster soon in a porta potty somewhere. I just ate an amazing beef/bean burrito and I am pretty sure it is pushing all the other evil stuff I have been putting in me out of my intestines. Stay tuned for that. Just kidding.

5:40 the weather is threatening with lightening and th music is shut down for now until the storm passes. We are taking the opportunity ti go back to camp and pack up before everything gets sucked up and taken to Oz.

6:15 rain, lightening, hail. We got back to camp just as the sky broke open. We were able to stash stuff in the car to protect it from the rain, but we are still wet. We ran over to the "general store" tent where we are sipping some andre champagne. Its unclear if this is the end or if the storm is gonna pass. Whoever can check the doppler and tell me, please let me know. Either way, lissy is yelling to eat at cracker barrel on the way home.

7:02 we are in the car and leaving. The rain has passed but there are huge dark clouds and lightening all around. We aren't sure if its officially canceled, but seems like everyone else is leaving as well. All told we all feel like we had an awesome wakarusa. Can't wait for next year.


Anonymous said...

Ah, I would have liked seeing Emmylou Harris as well - but bonus!!! More Avett love for you and your friends!!!!!!!


Scottasin (Cap'n Awesome) said...

I wish I could be there, sounds awesome!

I wonder how TLG was, I've just been starting to get into them, love their style.

Anonymous said...

Nice literary transition from butt machine to your gastro-intestinal situation. Porta potties beware, butt machine in operation