Friday, June 06, 2008

Wakarusa Friday Live Blog Pictures

Fat Tire, Ft Collins CO reprezent


Hula Hoop Workshop = Successful

Tawny and Lissy (mmm...)

Trombone Shorty

Muddy Wakarusans: evidently the Poo Flies at Trombone Shorty (pic was taken at Mates of State)

Disco Santa LOVES Pepperonis !

The Entrance

Making a Wristband Saves $150

(h3ddy) Hats in the Lot made by Dean from St. Louis (1 for $30, 2 for $50)

The Camp

1 comment:

Scottasin (Cap'n Awesome) said...

Theres some really great stuff in there! Whats that band with the trombone like, they look liike they could be decent.