Coldplay Accused of Plagiarism?

I'm not a fan of Coldplay, but I thought this was a little unsettling...

The song they didn't write? Coldplay are accused of plagiarism by American band (The Independent)

Here's a bit:
In a video posted on the video-sharing website YouTube, Andrew Hoepfner, Creaky Boards' singer and songwriter, claimed that the melody of Coldplay's song, "Viva La Vida", is pinched from a track he wrote last year called, ironically, "The Songs I Didn't Write".

He blamed Chris Martin for the alleged artistic theft, saying that Coldplay's frontman attended a Creaky Boards concert in New York last year. "We were flattered when we thought we saw Chris Martin in the crowd," said Mr Hoepfner. "He seemed pretty into it... Maybe TOO into it?"
And here's the video...


BTreotch said…
I smell a creaky board pay day coming soon

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