Sunday, June 29, 2008

Widespread Panic Sunday Live Blog

12:30 sorry for the lack of updates last night. I could not log into blogger yesterday afternoon. Also, I had a shitty night on fri night cause the girl I took to the show had a meltdown during the second set and I just wanted to enjoy the sat night without distractions.

Today we are celebrating Lissy's birthday. She is driving in from summit county and will likely bring some needed energy to the group.

The story from last night is some car trouble. We ran out of gas on Broadway in Boulder about 100 feet from the gas station. Maybe because of that the car would not start in the lot leaving the show. It was a fun little adventure. What ended up happening is that Nicole left with a friend to go get a car from her parent's house, while the rest of us sat in the lot and drank. About an hour after the lot was completely empty, Aaron cranked the car and it started. Our trip to Denver to see a Michael Jackson cover band was aborted but it was still fun.

I thought the show last night was great. The highlight of the first set no doubt was "life during wartime." It got everyone singing "this aint your party, this aint your disco..." To each other during the song and continued into setbreak as people passed each other in line to food, beer and bathroom.

Second set was a good one too. It was the first time for me to hear Panic do "fairies wear boots" and they killed it. The segues were smooth and the band was tight all night.

We are eating at Foolish Craig's in boulder and will be heading out to Red Rocks about 1:30-2. The show starts at 4pm today. The word is "never miss a sunday show."

1:30 the food is just what the dr. Ordered. There are 2 men in their 40's sitting next to us and we overhear their conversation; they are annoying. One of them is wearing rollerblades at the table. You know the hardest thing about rollerblading? Telling your parents you are gay.

3:45 quite the chaotic scene getting in. Lots of kids looking for tickets, the most I have ever seen outside on a sunday. Its hot. Sarah cupcakes and I are walking around looking for an extra.

4:00 I am in but Sarah Cupcakes and uncle ted are still out looking for a ticket. Cupcakes gets in but Uncle Ted got shut out.

4:05 set 1
Stir it up (bob marley)
Chainsaw city (I found the denver boulder rob jen bjorn crew. Row 33 schools zone)
Big wooly
Dark day program
Chilly water (gettng drenched. Its a hot day, feels perfect.)
(red rocks goes nuts)
5:05 setbreak

5:40 setbreak seems long, dj harry is playing. Talking with the crew and debatimg what to eat/smoke/drink since some of us have to work tomorrow.

5:55 the setbreak was so long it was a 2 piss setbreak for me. But it was cool- dj harry played a beat and they came out to jam with him.

II: jam w/dj harry>
Contentment blues>
(Schools teases My Sharona between songs)
Conrad (its awesome to get Conrad cause Tyler had to work today. When he left this morning he told us that we could go fuck ourselves if we got a conrad! Fuck yeah.)
Long intro jam> Tie your shoes shoes (the sun has gone down behind the back of red rocks and dropped the temp. A perfect 75 in the shade.)
Riders on the storm (The Doors)
>Fishwater (yeah!)
Cream puff war (marshmallows go everywhere)
End of set 7:05

E: (long encore break)
Already fried
(3 song encore, we only know 2. We are brain dead)
(What a Wonderful World post show music)

8:13 we are drinking beers, cooking hotdogs and chicken in the lot while listening to the sick "hubble" by sts9 from wakarusa '08.

8:27 we are eating chicken and hot dogs dancing in the lot to girl talk's new album.

9:31 alright kiddos, I'm driving back to denver. Sunday was definitely my favorite of the 3 shows- everything came together for me today. Great show by panic- download that.


Tom said...

sounds awesome! thanks so much for the updates.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight... Yesterday we get a bunch of pics but no blog. Today we get a bunch of EXCUSES for a blog, and no god damn pics? What happened to Rule #1? How do we know you were even at the show? I remember the good 'ol days when we would get up-to-the-minute witty blogging along with pics. If it was a good blog we might even get a video of some spunion wookette throwin her titties around in our faces. Oh, and by the way... WSP SUX!

BTreotch said...

^^^ sweet blahg

BTreotch said...

here you go anonymous:

Anonymous said...

Beotch - out of the billions of pictures on the interwebs, THAT is what you posted?

i can top it:

Yours truly,


BTreotch said...


yes, and i don't think i can beat your high score at meatspin..

Dr. Pauly said...

I love retards who love to give Coventry guff for not catering to their every needs.

Anonymous said...

The missing encore song was Mr. Soul.