Friday, June 06, 2008

Wakarusa Friday Live Blog

8:55 am it is a beautiful morning in the campsites. Somehow in the confusion last night we have a very close campsite to the stages. There is a "general store" about 50 feet away from us. They have a all you can eat breakfast buffet with biscuits and gravy for $6 that is feeding 5 kids from colorado.

Light wind out of the sw 15-20mph. Sunny and 65 with a wet ass.

10:47 am last 5 groups of people we have met have been from:
1. Kansas city, Kansas
2. Manhattan, Kansas
3.Ft. Collins, CO
4. New jersey
5. St. Louis

12:00pm I always know my friend Molly is at all these festivals but I never know when I am going to run into her. Today she was with my friend Thumper, camped pretty close to us.

Our neighbor from Kansas was wearing a t-shirt that said "the hippies were right". He is also wearing a cowboy hat and jeans & boots. Now he has taken off his shirt so we are calling him "brokeback mountain."

1:20 I am finishing a very large gin and tonic and then we might go in to see music. The porta-potta potties need to be cleaned badly. Lissy and nichole went to a hula-hoop clinic and we have been talking to random people roaming through the campsites.

2:00 scene seems pretty chill. No signs of the police state reported a couple of years ago. There is no shakedown street in the campsites but seems like a normal festival scene other than that. We walked into the main stage venue with no bags, no pat down, no hassle.

2:10 trombone shorty.
Back in black>we want the funk>when the saints go marching in
sax and trombone parade through the crowd. Very muddy in tent.

2:40 mates of state.

3:05 del tha funky homosapien. Hot in the sun' perfect under tha tent.

3:30 hippie new belgium bike wrangling. Crazy bikes in a corral. I just found out the sell 3.2 beer here. Doh!

3:45 back at camp for drinks

4:15 serious decision to be made: built to spill vs free hamburgers. The neighbors have extra cheeseburgers and they are winning.

5:00 party back at the campground. Neighbors on both sides have come together to be drunk and eat hamburgers. We are a model for israel and iran.

6:20 we walk by buckethead. Someone is actually playing guitar hero at a tent at the back of the field while buckethead is shredding.

6:30 delta nove.
Its pretty cool cause they are under a tent and it has actually gotten kinda warm with the sun going down. They sound good but there us 6 inches of mud in front of the stage so people are spread out around the tent.

6:54 buckethead masturbating on stage. Looks like he does not have a backing band, its just the bucket and a lot of notes.

7:08 That 1 Guy comes out to jam with Buckethead on what some would call songs. Really It sounds like riff>riff>riff. It sounds like what you would expect: kinda cool heavy guitar sound but weird.

7:30 confusion and change of plans: cake is now playing at midnight because of flight delays; galactic plays at 8:30 before the flaming lips. Things I should not have fell out of my pocket but I found them in the crowd. Unbelieveable. "Let's get it on" is playing on the PA to one of the biggest crowd reactions of the day.

8:30 galactic. Fema opener.they play a couple of songs and latif the truth speaker comes out. You know, I used to be able to keep a galactic setlist but not today. I am not a fan of the hip hop stuff but right now they are playing crazyhorse mongoose and it is fucking awesome.Galactic closes with a led zeppelin cover and we talk how we love old Galactic.

10:10 Flaming Lips are setting up still. They are playing some sort of hai metal/heavy metal over the PA and I have no idea why. Lights are cool, though. I have seen this show over and over and it is what it is, but I still love the ridiculous lights.

11:17 we go over to the heavy pets playing in the muddy tent. No one here but this is awesome. They sound and look great.probably the best thing we did all day was leave flaming lips and see the heavy pets.

11:56 pm waiting for Cake to come on in the big tent.tent is half full, flaming lips are still playing.

12:20 am Cake sounds fantastic. They just did a cover of" War Pigs"...we likey.

1:20 am cake just played the best set we saw today. Applause is deafening in the tent for them to encore. A chant of "we want cake!" Brought them back for "short skirt/long jacket" the whole tent was singing along.

1:40 am ozric tentacles has fucking green lasers!

1:55 we are waiting on EOTO to start. Tawny and I are betting on which stage they will start on. If I win, she promises a hand job.

2:30am we got bored waiting for eoto to start so we are at everyone orchestra. Aaron says its all improv and the musicians have never played together before. There are about 15 people on stage and right now its like a bluegrass jam with a horn section. Pretty cool.

3:00 am back at the eoto dance party. I'm getting a little tired but this is awesome. Travis and jason got a badass bass loop going and the lights are spectacular. They have a couiple of hula hooper girls with glow in the dark hoops on stage. Now they turned on the smoke machine.


Anonymous said...

Make sure you see Delta Nove today guys! have fun and be safe!!

Anonymous said...

12:00pm I always know my friend Molly is at all these festivals but I never know when I am going to run into her. Today she was with my friend Thumper, camped pretty close to us.

you should try not to sound like a 12 yr old on lot

Pauly said...

Keep up the great work.

BTreotch said...

That must have been one TASTY burger

Anonymous said...

Post more pictures! Great job so far!

Anonymous said...

my favorite, my favorite, my favorite - "we are a model for Israel and Iran".....yessssss!!!!

BTreotch said...

sounds like a quality start.. how'd the hand job work out?