Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Girl Talk: New Album, Pay What You Want?

Yesterday I downloaded the new Girl Talk album and listened to it on a bike ride home from work and then again this morning on the bike ride back to the grind.

I have to say I am somewhat impressed with the curious ability to mash up the odd rhythms of songs like "Paranoid Android" and "15 Step" with Rap and Hip Hop. The mash-up featuring the riff from Metallica's "One" made me grin on the elevator ride to my desk just now. But I can't really tell you if I like this or not...sometimes there are just too many songs in 1 Girl Talk "song" for my taste.

But don't let my opinion stop you from going to the site and downloading it for whatever you think it is worth. Personally, I clicked "I may donate later" which is true- the next time Girl Talk comes to Denver I will be sure to buy a ticket and a beer (or 10) and dance my ass off.

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