Thursday, June 05, 2008

Wakarusa Live Blog: Thursday Night

9:00pm still have a few hours of driving to go.just passed the middle of fucking nowhere about 200 miles into kansas on I70. been on the road since 3:30 pm. Passed through a lot of rain in western colorado.

We just figured out that we lose an hour in the central time zone so we will probably miss part of lotus tonight.

So far driving music has included:
1. Howard Stern Show
2. Gone phishin' with jonathan schwartz 11/30/94
3. Aquarium Rescue Unit h.o.r.d.e tour '93
4. Disco Biscuits 8/13/03

11:16 pm we are 80 miles from topeka, kansas. Tawny and I do not have tickets to the festival; she is thinking about promising a hand job to get in.

12:15 am passing through lawrence, getting close to festival. Btreotch sends message of a rumor that wakarusa is closed for the night because of weather. Its not raining now but looks like we just missed it. Big lightening off in the distance.

12:51 in a short line to get in.

1:00 am music was canceled tonight. Its a nasty wet mess but we missed the storm so far. Cold enough for jeans and a hoodie.

1:36 am we are sipping beers on the back of marco (my honda element) and have already met a load of characters. Greatful dave came up with a green light pen. Brown guy is wearing a white muddy t_shirt and bummed a beer off us for an interpretive dance. And the fat tire beer guys are telling stories.

2:04 am setting up tents in the dark, listening to In Rainbows.

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