Big Pimpin': Cool Stuff From The Lot- Available Online

One of the things I love to do at Phish Shows is get to the lot early and look around at what is for sale. My friends over at Taboot Art have limited edition posters available for order from many of the shows of Phish summer tour. The Tripp prints are available here, get them while they last.

Taboot also has in stock my (now trademark) Colorado Trucker Hat. so if you want to be cool like me, shoot Sutton an email at

As you probably know, I have the LOST + Phish t-shirts in stock. I have the Faraday, Desmond, and Jin designs in both mens and women's sizes. If you would like to inquire about those, please email

I have to pimp my friend Corey over at Further Frames. He framed my Hampton poster (pictured above) and I get a big grin every time I come home and see it. Corey is a master at making concert posters look fantastic. If you are coming out for Red Rocks, you should consider bringing out some of your old posters to get framed- Corey can ship them back to you at home and you will have an amazing new piece in the house. It really does make a difference to work with someone who understands color, light, and is a show veteran himself.

One more thing- I don't know these guys personally but I have a few of their shirts. Check out the Phish themed shirts and most original designs I have run across at



Peter Griffin said…
amazing job with the Hampton poster!!
looks great!
Kid Dynamite said…
did you happen to take that picture of the Bowie shirt on my friend when we met you at Camden?
the joker said…
KD- good eye. That's one of dr pauly's photos, of your buddy modeling the bowie shirt at camden.
Kid Dynamite said…
i only know because i bought that shirt for him when he had to cancel last minute for the Phish Vegas trip several years ago

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