Phish Asheville 6/9/09 Live Blog

3:05 We checked into the Red Roof in just outside of Asheville. Already sighted several heads getting ready to go to the show, including Mr. David Steinberg of XXYZX fame. He was looking good in his trademark cape. Heading to the lots now.

5:30 there is no organized central lot; everyone with tickets is in a bar drinking downtown, every ticketless wook is outside one the sidewalk looking for a ticket. Lots of wooks with big, nasty dreads walking their dogs. Its a little warm- 85- but beautiful. Some have been lined up outside the civic center for hours. Feels very festive downtown.

7:30 in line to head in. There are hundreds outside the venue looking for extras. Lots of vending outside but no one seems to be buying a lot of stuff. I sold a t-shirt for $15 an a veggie burrito though. I saw old people sitting in lawn chairs on the sidewalk just to watch the freak show.

7:49 found the crew inside. G-rob, mrs g-rob, otis, tim, phil, mo, jules, pauly and I are dead center on the floor, about even with sec 108. It really is quite spacious and comfortable on the floor.

Set I:
Kill devil falls (1), moma dance, sample in a jar, stash (2), dog faced boy (3), gumbo> tube, lengthwise (4), divided sky, ?mike country song?, bold as love

Set ii
Backwards down the number line> ghost(5) > fast enough for you, halleys comet> maze(6), alaska, theme from the bottom(7), golgi apparatus> possum(8)

E: loving cup

1 big jam gets the crowd going
2 I liked the jam
3 trey tells story about writing the songs based out of fishman's journal
4 a capella
5 started scattered but then built into a big peak and release
6 holy shit that was smokin. Loud. Huge crowd energy
7 nice playing by page on piano
8 they like possums in n carolina. Who knew?

8:35 its pretty steamy in here

9:31 set break- geez its crowded getting out to get some air. I enjoyed the first set a lot, but it got super hot in the arena. The crowd is loud and pumped yet again.

Encore break: This might be the loudest phish show I've been to. I'm deaf, but its awesome.

12:39 hanging out at the flying frog. Most agree that tonight was a special night.


BTreotch said…
glad you all found each other.. about to hit the road w Broseph..
Julius_Goat said…
A capella Lengthwise!!!
BTreotch said…
will Reba blow minds tomorrow?

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