Phish Jones Beach 6/5/09 Live Blog

4:55 Pauly and I got a nap in this afternoon and just got a bite to eat at diner in syosset. We are heading to the show right now and I got to tell ya, it is fucking raining. It has been raining all day and there is a 100% chance of rain tonight at the show. Pauly and I are actually excited to see how phish raises their intensity to compensate for the weather. Any other band I would have skipped the show... But for phish, we are excited.

5:20 you know that scene in forrest gump where he is in vietnam and is describing the rain? Well this is rain that comes in sideways. It is cold- probably feels like 45 degrees with the wind whipping in off the ocean.

7:30 think of a heavy, sustained rain. Thousands are out in the lot standing in the rain. We were lucky and ran into a friend that had an easy-up and were able to stay (relatively) dry and drink beers in the lot. Now we are inside and waiting for phish to come on, keeping under the structure to stay out of the rain. I drank a few yenglings in the lot and they went down smooth and sold a few lost phish shirts. I'm most excited bout the stone wrap hat pin I traded a tshirt for. I have never, ever, ever been this wet to start out a concert. Plastic ponchos are being sold in the lot for $5-$10 by those smart enough to pick them up om the way in.

Follow @YEMblog or @phish for setlist updates- due to the rain I'm gonna try to keep my blackberry dry.

Jones beach #3 setlist

Set I: wilson, buried alive, kill devil falls, acdc bag, I didn't know, my friend my friend, ya mar, theme from the bottom, boogie on reggae woman, split open and melt

Set 2: down w disease> twist*> piper> backwards down the number line> free, twenty years later#, 2001>slave

E:day in the life

* w oyo como va (santana) teases.
# first time played

9:30 setbreak- the rain finally stopped at theme from the bottom. The weather didn't matter- a great first set. Having fun!

12:15 am
We are driving back to the what a fun show. Second set was soild and sounded as good as it looks on paper. Seems like they are getting better and better. We are gonna go dry off and pauly will have a recap soon.

I want to give a shout out to phishtube, super nice kid who is our hero streaming the shows! Nice to meet you!


Kid Dynamite said…
more than a tease on oye como va! they basically played it! Theme from the bottom was epic too... as was the entire second set in POURING rain.

great seeing you guys. enjoy Great Woods.
Irongirl01 said…
hope the iphone Ustream dude is doing the whole tour. Ive tuned in the last two nights and enjoyed both shosw as have about 2700-3000 others. It gets choppy at times but if you cant be there you at least get a taste.

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