Bonnaroo and Craigslist

As an avid fan of Criagslist's "missed connections", I often check events I attend to see if someone fulfilled my dream of being a subject of an official MC post. In my search I found some notable highlights from CL "personals", Bonnaroo 2009:

Have you seen IAN - 49 (Delaware) (missed connections)
He missed his ride on Sunday back to Delaware. If you know him or where he is please tell him to call home collect. He is about 6'-2" last seen wearing a brown bathing suit and no shirt sneakers holding a sign saying he needed a ride to delaware that was around noonish monday at the Bonnaroo Concert location.

Any cops looking for some? (men seeking men)
looking for cops working bonnaroo or any cops in general looking for some fun. men in uniform really turn me on. very discreet and very straight acting. hit me up and let me know.

Bachelor party - mm4ww - 28 (casual encounters)
Looking for some girls that want to have some fun while we celebrate my friendS last days as single Men! Will be going to Bonnaroo in manchester from 11th to the 14th.

Bonnaroo - m4w - 30 (men seeking women) (edited for size)
Ok, so here's the deal. I'm coming into town to see Bonnaroo and have an extra ticket for someone who's cool, mature and likes to have fun. Here's what I want...

1) Be reasonably attractive...If we're going to spend a couple of days hanging out I'd prefer to be with someone who takes care of themselves. If you're fat or missing teeth don't bother replying because those things gross me out...Nothing personal, just a preference...

2) Don't need a babysitter. If you can't handle your liquor and you're just looking for someone who will make sure your drunk ass makes it back to the tent, don't bother replying. I'm there to have a good time and have no interest in taking care of you.

3) Be cool. If you're a giggly little school girl or a washed-up drunk old hag who looks like she's been rode hard and put up wet, don't bother replying.

Looking for Bonnaroo leftovers- (men seeking men)
Hey guys, I'm looking to get with any guys still in town from Bonnaroo. I'm into hippies with ripe pits and a good scent. Come on up to the Boro and hang out for a few days. Soft bed and warm shower available. Give a ring at six one five... five five four... three one six ****. Nothing sexual has to happen, but would dig on a queer energy. I'm 5'6" 200#, inked, pierced, and ready for fun.

The Mars Volta w4m -(missed connections)
We saw each other at the Mars Volta show. You were dancing, have tats, sideburns and black-rimmed glasses. I had pigtails, was wearing a red bikini top and was sitting on the ground with my friend. She and I were there working safety but both ended up going rogue and giving into Bonnaroo. Let me just say that not running off with you and having a romance in the woods is something that I would do differently if given the chance. It's just that I felt weird about skipping work (and running off with you would have been the point of no return for sure) and I couldn't in good conscience leave my friend alone with a head full of acid in that crowd. That's why I couldn't get up. I wish you would've grabbed my hand or touched me at all... then I'd have been yours without a doubt. I couldn't get you out of my head the whole rest of the time.

Strike your fancy? For full bonnaroo CL exposure, check out this


mudly said…
glorious. all of it. just plain glory.
Chris said…
That is some funny-ass shit. I especially dig the m4m in the 'boro.
Pauly said…
HR in your first MLB AB.

Nice work, Sir.
Broseph said…
thanks Dr. Pauly. The hits keep coming, check out this one:
Unknown said…
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Anonymous said…
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