The Phish at The Comcast Center (formerly great woods) Live Blog

5:22 senor, javier, pauly and are getting driven to the show in a van. Its super nice to not have to worry about driving. Our driver, Leroy, is awesome. He's telling us funny stories. It would be great to have him for the whole tour.

The weather is perfect- sunny and 75.

Been running around the lot selling tshits, stickers and getting tix for tonight and tomorrow. Met some fun people. I heart lot.

7:30 we are in and sitting in the pav fishman side. A lot of excitement in the crowd tonight, lots of whistling and yelling.

7:39 boys on stage, so much yelling I can't hear. Its awesome. Kid in front of me is cool, he and his buddy are taking their girls to their first phish shows...

Set I: the faulty plan, nothing, back on the train, golgi apparatus (fucking loud crowd-awesome), sparkle, gotta jibboo, lawn boy,let me lie*, taste, makisupa policeman, prince caspian (8:48 end set)

Set II:(9:18) 7 below#, fluffhead$, scent of a mule€, heavy things, harry hood÷ possum¥, bug (end set 10:32)

E:contact£> julius•

*pauly and joker smoke a bowl, cause we are gonna take my bike out.
#glow stick war and sizzling jam (like fajitas),
€w page piano solo>trey/band jam, prob best ever
÷w n00bs are gonna call this the best show ever jam
£senor hopes there is a second song

11:17 LeRoy is doing a great driving while I'm spinning the old skool rap playlist, sippin on gin an juice


BTreotch said…
Kid Dynamite said…
taste! bug! awesome
change100 said…
Hope you took your bikes out and rode them slowly, just how you like.

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