String Cheese Incident Ogden Theater 6/24/09 Live Blog

4:25 I just drove by the Ogden and its a crazy scene outside. Seems the rail riders (pictured with the lawn chairs and umbrellas) have been there all day. Everyone's ticket is in willcall, and there are plently of fans looking for that magic ticket. I am one of the chosen ones with an invite/ticket, and am at my friend's Grant St. pre-party. ill do my best to keep you updated as the night unfolds.

6:02 the 13th st grant party is raging. So far there are 40 people, 5 capes, 16 hula hoops, 3 dogs, a keg, some strange pills, and lots of enthusiasm. I'm waking over to get my will-call tix; rumor is that they sold about 200 tix to fans when the box office opened.

6:32 imagine all the weird people you know. Imagine they are all in costumes of glitter and rainbows and are going to the same show. This is what is happening tonight in denver. I just got my tix and asked the girl at the desk what time the band starts. "8:00" what time do the unicorns go on stage? "I don't know". Pretty weak sauce at a cheese show if you ask me. ;)

Live Blog Pic Dump:

8:01 jesus I have never seen so many people outside a venue looking for a ticket. There are probably 200 people outside with fingers in the air. Jt let me borrow his rainbow visor (with rotating lights) so I'm legit. Gonna go in soon but waiting on corey to arive (my plus 1)

8:24 interesting choice for pre show music: radiohead in rainbows. A lot of people I know that didn't have tickets yesterday are magically here. There is a schwilly crowd outside but inside its like a family reunion and all smiles. It feels like everyone that is supposed to be here got in somehow. It feels good.

8:35 lights! Cheese comes out to huge applause from the crowd. No costumes- everyone is wearing tshirts save kyle who has a sequin shirt on

Set I:
Lonesome fiddle blues(1), lost> run zhuc(2), just one story, panama red>whisky before breakfast(3), jellyfish> birdland> johnny cash>birdland (setbreak wow)

Ii. Rivertrance>peace of mind>mlt>sometimes a river

(1) Billy leads the jam
(2) This is like swimming but were not in the water
(3) Insane dance party


Peter Griffin said…
so they bill Rothbury as their only 2009 performance then play a show in Denver. real cool
Anonymous said…
good fuckin' photos my love!!!!!

So excited to read more!
Unknown said…
so great to have the cheese vibes in the air again, thanks for the great pics and info!!!keep em coming!!!! see ya'll on the road cheese tour '10
sandpiperkim said…
Mmmm yes... the taste was good!
Sand Fairy said…
Peter - the show was a private party and not really a show. I don't think they were trying to get one over on folks. More of a warm up for Rothbury :) I do hope they get a tour together SOON!
Sean said…
Peter- It was a private party for friends and family and for the hometown fans! possibly the best cheese ive ever seen!
Unknown said…
i had my finger in the air before the show, and my girlfriend and I both got in...
samaldine said…
Posted: 07/21/10 2:36PM ET

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