Meet Our Driver, Big Bad Leroy Brown

We met him in Rhode Island when he drove us to Great Woods. Leroy had never been to a Phish show and was blown away by the commerce in the lots. He has been our driver ever since. Leroy cooks some mean ribs. Check out the photos:

Look out Phish lot- Big Bad Leroy Brown is on tour with Coventry Blog and will be serving up ribs in Asheville, Knoxville, and especially Bonnaroo.

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gatorphish said…
Wonderful. Another ingredient to the "soup".

Where's his "Meat" shirt?
Unknown said…
WTF.. Did Bad Bad Leroy Brown (BBLB) cut some trees and BBQ the trees?
Anonymous said…
I can't wait for your Leroy to meet my Leroy...McGrundel that is...SO excited I think I just peed a little!
Irongirl01 said…
he looks like an iron chef of BBQ

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