Bonnaroo 2009 Video

Fuse TV, a self described "alternative music channel", is currently running a Bonnaroo 09 video which I heard is decent and worth checking out. Locked in between a hoard of Micheal Jackson Tributes, the movie is scheduled to run Saturday, June 27 at 5 and 11pm eastern. Your local cable overlords I'm sure have more details.

Set those DVR's, prep your hipster pod's and see if you make an appearance. Personally, I'm hoping the mustache girls get their due.

Here's a Bonnaroo video from 08 Fuse put together entitled 20 questions:


Broseph said…
Ok, so I watched it and it was pretty music performance oriented and not so much people oriented. Yeah yeah yeahs, coheed and cambria, beastie boys, phish (wolfman), snoop and bruce. The people they followed around were too cool for school and they left Sunday night. What a bunch of weak losers. Some decent performance video and they actually show the whole song which is a pet peeve of mine.
Anonymous said…
no mustache girls :(

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