Bonnaroo Thursday Live Blog

2:13 we are a bit behind schedule. We made a final pit stop at super walmart and are heading west towards manchester from knoxville. In the caravan we have 16 people, 2 rv's, and 3 cars. Right now there is heavy rain and thunderstorms right now but we are safe on the highway.

2:54 @leroybbq is doing a great job driving while we are having a girl talk dance party in the rv

8:35 we are in and we are set up. We have an awesome crew of 17 and we have by far the best camp set up I have ever been a part of. 2 rvs parked together with a shade stretched out between the rvs. Word.

As coincidence would have it, the basics fund warriors bus is parked right next to us. I look forward to partying with them! Colorado represent!

10:31 btreotch and I walked around and sold a few shirts...its raining lightly now and we are hanging underneath someone elses easy up to get out of the rain. We are walking towards centeroo and will check out some music.

10:46 scratch that. Thunderstorm w heavy rain and we are back at the campsite, dry and drinking.


jonas0tt0 said…
we need more pics of Leroy.
peacecorn said…
Yes. More pics and vids.
change100 said…
Dying a little as I watch degenerates play deuce to seven single draw...
Tim said…
Timmy says....SOCIAL!!!!

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