Phish Knoxville 6/10/09 Live Blog

1:39 we are on the road and are driving through the mountains to knoxville. It is beautiful. Phil is driving the rv, and there are tons of kids passing us going to the show. Fun to see all the stickers on the cars as they pass.

2:17 we are on dolly parton pkwy! The girls want to stop off at dollywood. We made a compromise and are stopping at walmart

4:17 after a pit stop at siverville walmart we are on our way to the venue. Its 81 degrees and raining. Btretoch, broseph and strawberry shortcake are already parked close to the venue and awaiting our arrival. Word is because of the location on a college campus there is not one central lot; I'm thrilled we have the rv so we can avoid the rain and pre party with a big crew wherever we end up.

7:55 in and in sick seats page side, 100 level. Wow. There are a ton of people here to see this show and there was a huge shakedown outside the venue. Btreotch and I sold a lot of shirts in the lots. Once again the crowd is pumped. I'm thankful this is an indoor show cause the clouds are dark outside and big weather is moving in.

Set I: runaway jim, punch you in the eye, ocelot, foam, train song, undermind (1), mikes song> I am hydrogen > weekapaug,(2), squirming coil(3) , character zer0

Set ii: back on the train, waves>aliens coming down jam>(4)>song I heard the ocean sing> david bowie(5), army of one, reba(6), hello my baby, julius> cavern> harry hood

E: frankenstein (7)

(1) Mike bass solo
(2) HUGE applause from the crowd
(3) Piano solo more beautiful than usual
(4) Kuroda shines lights on crowd behind stage
(5) Borat says "very nice!"
(6) Tight through composed sections, and with delicate quiet jam
(7) W mike on new flame cut bass and page on keytar


Miss Tawny said…
Uh bummer I am with the ladies, gotta stop at DOLLYWOOD!
Julius_Goat said…
You mustn't miss the madness that is Pigeon Forge, TN.
Fisch said…
the joker said…
Leroy grabbed a second row seat and grooved his ass off..
swells said…
page really has been on point with his solos. love those keys.
mikey freshh said…
it was a pleasure to meet strawberry on top of the knoxville garage. i was the guy in the berkeley college of music shirt eating boomers pre show. i think i met btreach as well. it was quality to meet you since i read coventry daily. beautiful strawberry bloggers and rainbows, knoxviille was amazing. hope to see you guys in the FUTURE! keep rockin!
Unknown said…
Mike's solo in undermind was intense. Also, crowd response on hood when mike kicked his riff a few minutes in was outstanding. Went back and got chill when i heard it.

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