Phish Camden 6/7/09 Live Blog

4:32 thanks to leroy the driver we made record time to camden and are in the lot 1 hanging out. A beautiful day, kinda warm if you are wearing a track suit.

5:39 I'm trying to keep a 3 to 1 beer to water ratio. I'm blaring the hits in the lot- old skool rap, cake, paul simon...we are having a great time hanging out and have met some fun people.

7:32 wow. Met a ton of cool people in the lot and walking in. Pauly and I are wearing the jumpsuits with dharma patches to a very warm reception. Waiting for the show to start... I've had such a good time in the lot and hanging out its almost like another event outside of the show. I call chalkdust opener.

Set I: chalkdust torture, fee, wolfmans brotha 1, guyute 2, my sweet one, 46 days, lizards, the wedge 3, strange design, tube 4, first tube 5

Set ii sand 6, suzy greenberg, limb x limb, the horse> silent in the morning, (mike sings one of his songs?), character zer0 7> tweezer 8

E: (trey says they are gonna play a couple of songs, thanks crowd banter)

joy (9), bouncin round the room> antelope>tweeprise (10)

1 pretty big jam
2 nailed it
3 glow stick war on lawn
4 extra funky and I like my oatmeal lumpy jam
5 with return of the jedi guitar waving
6 jammed out, 3 distinct jams... trey sounding great and playing long notes and repeating the jammed pattern to a peak
7 with 20,000 singing along
8 another big jam; trey hitting long notes in a repeating pattern to a peak and release
9 first time played, super ghey trey song
10 yes it was sick

9:31 wow. Another great first set. 2 of my favorites back to back: tube and first tube

9:41 I've been in a lot of lines for the bathroom, but this is like a chinese mob. Wow.

10:20 the moon is full and sitting behind a few clouds...looks incredible


Unknown said…
wish i was there... im a huge phan! but im 14 and stuck at home trying to get done 10 hours of homework because finals are next week... and i couldnt afford a ticket because im completely broke... i hate my life...
ericwyman said…
Joker how you doing on Lost shirt inventory? You think you'll be able to drop-ship any after tour?
the joker said…
Shirts are selling well but ill def gonna be able to send some out after bonnaroo- I'm gonna get more orinted for red rocks/gorge and to ship to everyone I missed. Email with size and quanity requests and you'll have em after the week after roo when I get home!
Ziggy Stardust said…
Don't hate your life Julian. Love the technology that allows you to hear the shows so quickly. When I was 14, I absolutely would not have been allowed to go see Phish either, but it took weeks to hear the show and involved emails, padded envelopes, and Maxell II Cassette tapes. You'll get your turn.

Did the astronaut shirts ever turn out?
Cause I'm not a lost fan, but I need a new shirt.
Anonymous said…
hey joker.....we met in hampton and traded tickets for one of the nights. you gonna be at the creek w/ any of those shirts?

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