Phish Jones Beach 6/4/09 Live Blog

I'm at work again keeping you updated, but tomorrow will be at the show.

I'll be closely following @YEMblog, @J_Greenblatt, @thebutterroom, @JamBandsOnline, @deadheadland, and our own @taopauly for the live updates on twitter and color commentary.

It seems the live stream from phishtwit is going on as well...Tuesday's 2nd set stream was great.

8:11 pm reports of drizzle and an acapella mic setup on stage.

Phish Jones Beach, 6/4/2009 Night 2
Set 1: (8:13 ) Grind, Divided Sky, Ocelot, Squirming Coil, Punch You In The Eye, Dirt, NICU, Ghost> Antelope (9:30)

Set 2: Water In The Sky1 Birds Of A Feather, Drowned > Meatstick2 Time Turns Elastic, Waste, YEM

E: Rock and Roll

1 Slow Version
2 Japanese Lyrics


Kid Dynamite said…
looks like a terrific setlist

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