BTreotch Bonnaroo & Knoxville Photo Dump

It only t00k 10 minutes to step in some w00k's dog p00

Strawberry Shortcake and Mikey Freshh

Dharma dude, Joker and Disco Sis #1

Some nice plastic and dude's catch shade during Animal Collective

Panda Bear of Animal Collective

I paid $1 for this photo

Hula Hoop Hottie

Will Sheff of Okkervill River

Bruce and Cactus


the joker said…
awesome photos!!!
Tender Branson said…
Nice shots...especially the ferris wheel, plastic, and the dude with the green outfit. That is a classic one.
Tim said…
Nice shots! Surprised Uncle Ted isn't in any of them. Can't wait to see more.
Derek McG said…
nice pics!!
mikey freshh said…
Thanks for posting that pic from on top of the knoxville garage. It seriously made my day! I can't stop smiling and i got got a good case of goosebumps on my arms. It was seriously so cool to finally meet strawberry and btreach since i read this site daily. Knoxville was such an amazing time and these pics bring back such wonderful memories. Keep up the amazing work coventry and rock on!
Anonymous said…
Mickey Freshh - dually noted, brah!


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