Bonnaroo Friday Live Blog

2:53 at animal collective. The clouds have passed enough for the sun to come out and its hot and steamy. We hung out at the rv, met some cool people camping around us who had a friend pass away recently. He had brain cancer and his friends were giving away his cds. I got a sts9 show from 2005. Super cool guys.

The which stage is super crowded for animal collective, but I just heard "my girls" so I'm happy.

Animal collective setlist, which stage
Lying in a coma, my girls, summertime clothes, what I want1, ?off of sung tongs?, comfy in nautica, ?off fair weather post?"In my head",

1 adding at least 2-3 layers of what the song normally does
Btreotch would pay $150, or a left testicle- for a panda gear set right now.

3:45 down stage right/ crowd left for galactic. They have built a barrier surrounding the front of the stage and put down sand. Kinda nice actually.

4:12 trombone duel at galactic. Awesome

4:20 basically this is trombone shorty showing off w galactic. Gotta say I love it.

4:40 trombone player for dirty dozen brass band just pwned everone here and walked through crowd playing solo during crazyhorse mongoose (galactic). Coolest thing I've seen so far.

5:10 galactic's set was awesome; making a pit stop an dheading to santigold

5:36 checked out santigold, heading back to camp

6:52 had a sammich and a few beers back at camp, we are all getting ready to head in to rage david byrne and beastie boys>phish tonight. Strawberry shortcake and did a random poll- everyone's morale meter is over 8 out of 10.

7:40 underneath the bobblehead w glasses weating to meetup and listening to tv on the radio's set

8:10 at the back of tv on the radio's set...met some cool people back here but disappointed w how the set sounds

8:35 at the meetup point and chillin; bastie boys have started and some have gone to see them. Its officially night and its officially on. We are pumped about beasties> david byrne> phish> girl talk

9:35 david byrne...he has played: crosseyed and painless, the heat goes on, once in a lifetime, life during wartime**, take me to the river, encore: burin down the house!

** bavid byrne was a fucking dance party!!!

10:05 we convinced leroy to come in and check out david byrne, beastie boys and phish. Leroy is hoping for a big boogie on reggae woman

10:45 we are page side, rage side. Far back but who cares? I'm with and awesome enthusiatic group and we are about to see the phish from vermont.

Phish bonnaroo setlist, fri late night

Set :(11:10) chalkdust torture, faulty plan, divided sky(1), possum, down w disease (2)! Alaska, stash (3), stash (4), glogi apparatus, wolfman's brotha, poor heart. Kill devil falls(5)> free, velvet sea(6), harry hood(7)>highway tp hell (8)>2001(9)>you enjoy myself> wilson> YEM(10) (2:01 am)

E: a day in the life

1 great jam by trey out of composed section
2 yup they jammed it out
3 I enjoyed the clean tone/piano jam
4 jam in stash pwned some noob. And me
5 great jam out of the new song...stretchin it out!
6 joker, pauly and btreotch sit down/ take break
7 it was beautiful
8 ac/dc cover
(9) Best 3.0 version so far
10 fireworks (literally) go off during trampoline jam, and yeah the whole thing was sick

11:13 huge energy from the crowd w opener. Already a glowstick war

2:27am everyone is pumped from that phish show and we have headed over to that tent to dance to girl talk. Crowd for girl talk is busting at the seams


jonas0tt0 said…
Where is all the live blogging today? Stories? Pics? Videos?


B O R I N G!
jonas0tt0 said…
More stories pics and video of LEROY!!!!!
Unknown said…
Thanks for sharing about the CD give-away. Hope you enjoy the CDs as much as my late husband, Josh. He was a big Phish fan/head.

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