The Avett Brothers on Letterman


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Here's the "music video" for 'I and Love and You' that they made.

I also like this clip of musician Sam Quinn from Ramseur Records opening their box set...Hilarious!
ericwyman said…
The Avett Brothers will never be as perfect as the first time I saw them live in a tiny club (Now owned by the iconic Nectar's) just days after downloading The Second Gleam from this very blog.

The second song was Die Die Die and I was dumbfounded by the contrast to the peacefulness of The Gleam. I don't know how many people were there, but I know we got there and made 4 total.

This album has a moment very early on where you realize this isn't that first show, kick drum being fueled by the gravity of Scott's body descending to earth, but it's one of the more amazing records I have ever heard. The fact that they created an album that is so in contrast to that live show is a credit to them. Saddled with Phish, my two favorite bands have surprised me greatly this year.

Wow. That was a long comment. I should get my own fucking blog.

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