Monday, September 14, 2009

Scramble Campbell Paints During Phish Red Rocks


mikey freshh said...

he's got possibly the greatest ''job'' on the planet. i once saw him paint onstage at a Yonder Mountain String Band show.

jahcolforbinn said...

i agree mikey.. if you check out his website and search Yonder/or Red Rocks you'll find a painting he did on the body of a stand up Bass.. very cool stuff, saw him painting it at the 08 Yonder RR show

keep em coming!

Steve In Denver said...

My friend and I hung out in one of those tree planter square thingies right above him during set 2 Friday night. He was a maniac. Seemed to sample everthing thrown his way, which was a lot. I wanted to step in and be the Designated Hitter so he could finish his work. At one point he started flinging copious amounts of paint at the canvas and I thought he was going to crash and burn, but he pulled it all together. Dominant performance.