Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Phish: The Oxy Years - VOLUME II

People have been "itching" for Volume II and now its finally here. You asked for darker and scarier oxy jams, so this Volume features some rock bottom moments of The Oxy Years. The mix starts out with what at first might seem like a lite and fluffy Theme from the Bottom (2.24.03), but by the end of the song Trey has a nose full of oxy, and his guitar is bleeding with distortion and delay. From there we are guided into some very dark places with the epitome of oxy jams - 46 Days from IT. It’s all downhill from there, Phans!


1. Theme From The Bottom - (2003.02.25 - The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA)
2. 46 Days - (2003.08.03 - Limestone, ME)
3. AC/DC Bag - (2004.14.08 - Coventry, VT)
4. Waves - (2003.08.02 - Limestone, ME)
5. Twist - (2004.04.16 - Thomas & Mack Center - Las Vegas, NV)


Special thanks this time around goes to phdunk4 for pointing out Theme From The Bottom, and BigBalls for supplying material from IT. I have not forgotten about SPAC Piper or The Tower Jam. They WILL be on Volume III which should be ready for Halloween. As always, feel free to make suggestions for the next volume.
If you missed out on Phish: The Oxy Years VOLUME I - you can get it HERE

Coventry: Phish Blog is not responsible for any Heroin or Oxycontin addictions that may result from listening to Phish: The Oxy Years.


GonePhishin said...

Nice. Thank you.

mikey freshh said...

thanks dude!
I really dug vol.1.

for vol.3
(moma dance 2-26-03...oxy'd!)


phishtube said...

Well, if you're linking the dark n dirty of '03-'04 you have to include a few of these... :)

Piper -> Weekapaug, Bathtub Gin 2/22/03

Piper 2/16/03 (Trey is fucked up beyond belief...have you seen the DVD?!?!)

Tweezer 12/1/03

Rock n Roll 12/2/03

Boogie On, Reggae Woman 6/26/04

jonas0tt0 said...

Thanks guys! I will be checking these out asap!

Unknown said...

Here's the Tower Jam. Just got clean and this brings back some bad/good memories but either way is still some sick shit. Check out 23 minutes in, gives me the heebie jeebies.


jonas0tt0 said...

thanks chuck! I just recieved a great copy yesterday and i have been editing it today for volume III. Thanks for the support though!!