Thursday, September 10, 2009

TAKE THE POLL: What is your favorite lot?

This weeks poll comes from our new friends at "This Week on Lot"

From their website:

"What’s your favorite lot? Tell us the what/where/why of your favorite lot and we’ll discuss next week. You can also send us a voice mail. Just call 419-NO-WOOKS"


mikey freshh said...

knoxville parking garage gets my vote.
it was off the hook.

Anonymous said...

it's because you met us!!!!

GonePhishin said...

My favorite lot is surely Gorge.

I gotta say...the 'thisweekonlot' hosts sound a bit unintelligent and rather dull.

the joker said...

I voted for red rocks, cause that is home base and rr lot is pretty fun...but there is no denying the awesomeness of the gorge. But is the gorge a lot? I think of it as a camping experience.

Gonephishin- why don't you spice things up with a voicemail or be a guest on the show? The guys at this week on lot are trying to do something fun for the community, and I don't think they are holding themselves out as the best podcasters out there, rather they are trying to fill a void in the online community to discuss all things jam band and wookish. I, of course, am an idiot and have only been called dull after a bender of ketamene and nitrous.

GonePhishin said...

the joker...

Agreed on the Gorge...probably isn't an official lot. ;)

Would have to go with RR and then Deer Creek.

For some reason I just had a flashback to the UIC lots in Chicago.

Dear Phish - can we Please get 3 at the UIC?!

'TWOL'...I agree it actually is pretty cool...just need to raise the bar a little. I'll give a call one of these days.

Wooky Out.

mikey freshh said...

@strawberry shortcake

meeting you (and BTreoch) was the icing on the cake of an all around excellent rager of a lot/show. i was a huge fan of this site before knoxville, but after it has solidified this as my all time favorite phish site.

anyone from Coventry coming to j-ville for gordo on the 18th, drinks on me! gonna have to rage out for pregame (strict venue, hopefully they will lighten up, but last time i was at freebird they made me empty my pockets and gave me a near cavity search. use extreme caution on the upper porch and put anything of heady value in your shoes.)

jonas0tt0 said...

where the hell is "Dear" Creek?

The people who write on this blog...