I'm about to Get Bassed

GET BASSED - MIKE GORDON FALL TOUR 2009 from Phish on Vimeo.

The good folks over on Woodstock's WDST (Mt Jam hosts with Warren Haynes) had this video up over on their website. It's pretty funny.

Mike is sound checking live on WDST at 5:00 PM. I'll be heading down to the show at the Bearsville theater shortly.

In the meantime, check out Scott Murawsk's blog from the road. For those of you not familiar with Scott he is the lead guitarist for Max Creek, BK3 and is currently on the road with his good buddy Mike Gordon reprising his role on lead guitar.

Dang it they played Sugar Shack last nite. Maybe I'll get a Possum tonite. Dr Pauly thinks I'll get a She Said but they played that in Sommerville, MA 9/9/09.


mikey freshh said…
100:1 odds gordo busts out skynard's 'swamp music' next friday at the FREEBIRD cafe!

have fun, the band sounds great.

my offer of a round of drinks on me for any coventry folks coming to jax still stands!
BTreotch said…
If I can get a meeting canceled and a ride..
wharper said…
Mike paused to say "Get Bassed." a few times in Somerville. He also said "Get Percussioned." twice to prompt a percussion solo, as the first time the percussion guy wasn't ready for it.

Great show - they're already firing on all cylinders, you'll have a blast.
GonePhishin said…
Such a great video...I'm pretty certain that went out with the original email blast announcing the tour. It's also on his website...good times indeed...he's qwazy.

If you haven't seen this...check it out right now:

Anonymous said…
Mickey Freshh - Seriously considering riding up - I don't have a ticket though - love Jacksonvile beach and love Freebird.

B - get to Ocala and we can ride up together.
mikey freshh said…
DO IT!!!
Shows have been selling out, so if your gonna grab tickets...do it NOW!

Tickets were switched from mail order to will call, so i'm gonna go down an hour or two before the show, grab my tix and pregame.

if you two decide to swing through, drop me an e-mail:

stonewood126 @ yahoo .com
AugustWest said…
Caught this show last night at the State Theater in Falls Church, VA. All I can say is - WOW. This was one of the best shows I've caught all year and made up for the clunker that was the Phish show at Merriweather a few weeks ago. If anyone reading this is on the fence about catching this when they are in your town should do whatever they can to make sure they are in attendance - you won't be dissapointed
GonePhishin said…
Cactus' shows are always the heat.

Here's a couple reminders of the 'clunker phish show' you attended at MPP; just in case you forgot:

Set I: Sloth, Axilla, Foam, Esther, Party Time, HaHaHa.

Set II: Tweezer-->Taste-->Alaska, 46 Days (jam), Oh Sweet Nuthin', Double Encore

Not sure what you were expecting, but this was definitely no clunker.

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