I Found this blog called "Fuck You Phish: A website dedicated to hating the band Phish, and all they stand for."

Some of it's funny, some of it is vulgar and in poor taste. But it's worth checking out.

Check out more here:


mikey freshh said…
The guy who made this site is obviously a phish fan. He uses irony and satire to tear apart that whole piss poor attitude that people seem to have on sites like the jambase comments sections and others that will remain nameless...you know the various message boards where people call each other names and hurl insults at each other and act like 3 year olds all day like it's their job. FU Phish highlights the immaturity that some message boards seem to have when people constantly bash phish and phish fans on a phish site.

The dude took it to the next level and is actually making fun and mocking those people who claim to love phish, yet bad mouth them at every opportunity.

Take it with a grain of salt. Sometimes it's fun to laugh at those people who feel the need to diss phish at every opportunity, but at the same time claim to be the "biggest fans ever."
mikey freshh said…
The comments where people get mad at the blog are hillarious. The satire, irony, and mockery seemed to go right over their heads and they fell right into the trap. It's good for a cheap laugh.
Phil said…
mikey freshh....spot on diagnosis. I think it's fucking hilarious. The setlist for Red Rocks was especially funny (and irrefutable evidence that s/he's a fan).
Kid Dynamite said…
this is clearly the best post on there:


great stuff
Jonathan said…
My favorite: "So a lot of you are probably wondering what kind of music I listen to. The short answer is 'Any band that doesn't sing songs about car tires, shaving, milk companies or fucking Foam'."

Guy's hilarious.

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