Mike Gordon Band Video's - 09/11/09 Bearsville

Here are a couple of videos I found of Mike Gordon's recent show at the Bearsville Theater which I attended on 9/11/09:


I'm pretty sure this video was shot by a dude who came up next to me to video one song. I remember when he panned in on Scott for a few minutes. That may actually be my shoulder/head moving in the corner as I was that close in front of Scott.


It was a great show. I can judge how much I enjoy a show by how many pictures I take. If I take no pictures and no video it means the show was so good I forgot about my camera.

With Carnegie as the exception because we were sitting and it was easier to remember to take pics and video.
GonePhishin said…
Excellent Meat-->Soulfood Man Encore.

Very nice seaguing indeed.

Phish needs more practice at that...otherwise gonna get booorrring.
mikey freshh said…


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