Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who is doreatha?

There is very anonymous person on Phantasy Tour that goes by the handle of "doreatha". We believe doreatha is female, but no one can confirm this. In fact, no one can confirm anything about doreatha yet doreatha seems to be able to confirm a lot of personal information about all of us. She knows so much that it has become very creepy. The Joker and I have opened up an official investigation into revealing the identity of doreatha.

For more information please visit the PT thread Who is doreatha.

If you, or anyone you know can reviel the identity of the PT handle known as "doreatha" please contact us ASAP. Do it for the sake of mankind.

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The Joker -

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Daddy said...

All I know is that we need more Parking Lot Joker shredding Tweezer.