Phish - 1994 Bluegrass Sessions Documentary

Thanks to jlaughi for turning me on to this film. He sums it up:

This is a FREELY TRADED, NEVER SOLD home movie of Phish Backstage. Total running time 1 hour 20 minutes.

The Rev. Jeff Mosier (Blueground Undergrass) was contracted by Phish in the Fall of 1994, to help them learn Bluegrass. They flew him to Michigan and Gordon picked him up in a limo, and they had their first lesson on 11-14-94, same night as Grand Rapids.

With his Blessing, the footage he shot of this whole experience, backstage and onstage, was remastered and is now being shared.


Anonymous said…

I love this.
Julius_Goat said…
Woah, Phish got their first bluegrass lesson in my hometown? That's the coolest thing that I've heard in a minute! Thanks!
Ben said…
The highlight is definitely Fishman's mandolin solo in the second video in this series.

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