Phish: The Oxy Years - VOLUME III

The Oxy Years are back with Volume III. In this volume we explore more dirty jams of the oxy years starting with a Twist from Camden 2003 that clocks in at 23 minutes. This just scratches the surface of oxy moments before we are treated to the popular Tower Jam from IT. For those itching for more, we go deep into the even more popular SPAC Piper from 2004. Next I was able to inject a little oxy jam from the Coventry Soundcheck which has become one of my favorite new jams. The final track takes us back to Camden, but this time in 2004, for a dark and eerie Scents and Subtle Sounds.

Twist (2003.07.30 - Tweeter Center - Camden, NJ)
Tower Jam (2004.08.03 - IT Festival - Limestone, ME)
Piper (2004.06.19 SPAC - Saratoga, NY)
Soundcheck (2004.08.14 - Coventry, VT)
Scents and Subtle Sounds (2004.08.12 - Tweeter Center - Camden, NJ)
1.2 Hours / 92.5MB

New for Volume III: Album artwork included in the folder which will automatically import into iTunes.

If you missed the "UPDATES" for the first two volumes, you can get them HERE.
N00bs to The Oxy Years:


Volume III Credits:
cmanhatan4 - Twist
PeterPhan - S&SS
Erik Thoms - Tower Jam
Thanks for every ones support on these mixes! As always, please feel free to make oxy suggestions for future volumes. Feel even more free to upload them!

WARNING: Coventry: Phish Blog is not responsible for any Heroin or Oxycontin addictions that may result from listening to Phish: The Oxy Years.


one step ahead said…
interesting look. opiates make music slower usually, at first he was good on them then slowly declined as it ate away his brain.
jonas0tt0 said…
I agree, Alex. Lots of great oxy moments from 2003. 2004 has some as well, but what i've noticed from finding material for these mixes is that the jams in 2004 usually dont go anywhere and end in a droning halt. By Coventry he was so far gone that out of those 2 days of music there are only a few songs that are even worth listening to.
Unknown said…
The oxy year. Singular. 03 was a sober tour. Most know what happened I'm vegas. I think the last sober show was 7.31.03. Piper 04 on the other hand... I don't even know.
jonas0tt0 said…
zhud, what's your source?
Anonymous said…
"For those itching for more"

its a funny choice of words but in general I find the whole premise of your site disturbing. Why in the world you constantly be reminding the world of one of the worst, probably the worst few-day musical period of the band. I mean, talking about trey's two-fisted wonderrubs is funny for the first five minutes. Then its sad. Then, its like I dont really give a shit I really would just rather forget about coventry.

i am going to be writing the band requesting them to shut your site down. not to mention all of the trademark infringements, it really just pisses me off when people like yourselves rally around each others doucheness and come up with garbage like this site--AND THEN PROFIT FROM IT!
Pauly said…
First of all, no one profits from this site.

Second of all, who peed in your Cheerios? Why so cranky?

Third, I encourage you to write the band. If you want we can give you their manger's email addy. Tell him that the Joker & Pauly says hello. He's a huge fan of the blog.
mikey freshh said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Does anyone know when volume 4 is coming out? ;)
Alex said…
for the next volume you need the 6-25-2004 Seven Below...a 27 minute monster.
jonas0tt0 said…
Thanks for that suggestion, Alex. I will check it out.

As for a Volume IV, not sure if there will be one... if there is, it wont be out for awhile.
Unknown said…
Thank you Jonas, I think I speak for myself and all of my phish loving friends when I say these are the best compilations we've ever heard. Not only in the jam choices (best AC/DC Bag, Scents and Subtle Sounds, Tweezer and Twists I've ever heard by the way) but in compiling technique as well.

Really man, very very well done. Very much hope that you decide to continue making these-
Unknown said…
I'm glad I ran across these mixes. I've been making "Best Jams" mixes like these for friends for years, and now I know that I might be on to something. Phish 2013 mix coming soon.
I believe the file was deleted. i was really looking forward to listening to some of these. any suggestions on where to find them?

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