Thursday, September 10, 2009

Time Out Trey

Trey was interviewed by Time Out. He reveals interesting tid bits such as raspberries being considered as one of the ingredients for Phish food.


BTreotch said...

More proof that Panda Bear's 'Person Pitch' is the best album of the past 3 years: Do you listen to a lot of pop music?
I really liked MGMT when that record came out. I like Band of Horses, you know, [Singing] “I could sleep, I could sleeeeeep.” That song really got inside me for a while. I was listening to Panda Bear.

Oh yeah, man. He’s the best.
I couldn’t stop listening to that record for, like, five days. I had it on my headphones…that “Comfy in Nautica”?

Yeah, man. Are you familiar with his band Animal Collective?
I didn’t even know who it was! I heard one of the songs, maybe on Pandora or something, and I bought the album and I really liked it. I would be cooking in the kitchen and listening to “Comfy in Nautica.” Really weird and layered.

You should check out Animal Collective. They’re really creative…big Deadheads.
Really? Wow. I found it kind of to be a little Eno circa 1973. I just like the sensibility of it. That Band of Horses record really lodged itself in my ear for about a week. That “Ode to LRC” and all that. [Singing] “In the logbook of the LRC…” [Laughs]

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Chris said...

I was really psyched to hear him say that they are looking at the ticketing situation. I also think they should go back to the mail-order tickets. It required that extra effort and required cash upfront. By using the online system, scalpers are able to flood the requests and are only out cash if they get a ticket.

GonePhishin said...

Good interview.

Interesting he wants to do this Orchestra gig while Phish is off tour....rather than doing TAB.

I'm so Gay for Trey it's rediculious.

My wife definitely knows of this love affair...good thing she's in agreement.

In the meantime...El Cactoid is full speed ahead and pushing the boundaries, per usual.

Broseph said...

Wow, all the bands mentioned by trey were turned on to me by BTreotch via his mixes/other work. Doesn't get much better in terms of evidence that he's on the right wave length.