REGRETS: Dave Matthews Band

Thanks to Mountain Laura for finding this over on NPR Music. This is the 6th in a series of Video's titled Regrets performed by the sketch group, Cook County Social Club. I can certainly relate to a couple of the others in the series as well (Hobbies for one and that little poker obsession I flirt with).

MY NAME IS LORI and I'm a fan of the Dave Matthews Band. There, I said it the First Step!! I'm kind of in the closet about my love for DMB. There are a few people that know about my affliction. I take a lot of crap from my nephew Zack and I even think Dr Pauly has an inkling. But I keep it as we Italians say: Sotto Voce. I mean I don't want my hard core Phish phan colleagues to go all GameHendge on me. How did I go to the dark side? Well, it began with the death of Jerry Garcia, that pushed me over the edge (that and I ended an engagement with a former bass player who played LoverBoy). And so began my flirtation with DMB.

So what's your musical guilty pleasure/obsession? Obviously I'm a Jam band garbage head (I experiment and am willing to try new stuff all the time) and as with most things in my life If I really like something or get interested in it, I go a little crazy.


ericwyman said…
Justin Timberlake. There, I said it.

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