Monday, September 14, 2009

YEM w/ New York Philharmonic + Audience Recording

YEM Part 2 from Raj on Vimeo.

********Updated, new source + links!***************
Trey Anastasio
Carnegie Hall
New York City, NY

Source:Balcony Center (in hat)Schoeps mk41>kc-5>cmc6>fostex fr-2le (w/oade mod)@48-24>cf
Transfer:cf>soundforge (editing-src44-16>cd wave>flac
Taped by Dave Flaschner & Rob Adler

Disc 1: Set I
01. 1st Tube
02. The Inlaw Josie Wales
03. Brian & Robert
04. Diveded Sky
05. Water In The Sky
06. Pebbles & Marbles
07. Guyute

Disc 2: Set II
08. Time Turns Elastic
09. Let Me Lie
10. You Enjoy Myself
11. E: If I Could

*w/Asher Fisch & The NY Philharmonic

mp3 download

flac download

Note: Here's the NY Times review.

Review by Scotty B/Hidden Track (super h33ty)


Justin said...

Oh that is just lovely.

jonas0tt0 said...

that link isnt working for me. Was Scotty B. Davis there?

jahcolforbinn said...

where's CK5?!

haha good stuff!

jonas0tt0 said...

damnit! Those youtube videos are Bunky Bunkerton!