Phish Fall Tour Rumors

According to our crack unit of spies and sources and other miscreants on the lot, here's the rumored dates...
Rumored Fall Tall...
11/20 - Cincinnati, Ohio
11/21 - Cincinnati, Ohio
11/24 - Philadelphia, PA
11/25 - Philadelphia, PA
11/27 - Albany, NY
11/28 - Albany, NY
12/2 - MSG NYC
12/3 - MSG NYC
12/4 - MSG NYC
12/5 - Charlottesville, VA
12/10 - The Joker's Backyard in Denver, CO (Opening for YAMN)
Don't forget about Miami for NYE. Four shows.


Unknown said…
that would be sick.
i wouldn't doubt it either.
what's with the joker's backyard in Denver, opening for YAMN?

tour on!

altman said…
YAMN's the shit -- see ya there.
Owen said…
I heard from my friend's sister's boyfriend who knows Fish's uncle's second cousin that we should mark our calendars for November 18th - Cobo Hall in the Motor City. They seem to always pass over the mitten, so my fingers are crossed.
jonas0tt0 said…
YAMN is the shit.
Scott Bernstein said…
Can't believe they still haven't released the dates. I can't remember a tour where everyone knew the dates six weeks before they announced it like this one.
the joker said…
the show in my backyard is gonna be siiick! only thing im worried about is that kuroda will blow a fuse. but trey told me they are gonna play miami piper when they come, so im stoked.
Nicholas Stock said…
Hey Joker, you got the hookup on those Yamn tickets? I love Yamn.... who's opening again?
the joker said…
and you thought tix to Red Rocks were hard...

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