Friday, September 11, 2009

Halloween, brAh!

Perhaps due to the great suggestions from The Goat's post asking what albums Phish fans would like to hear, a blogger realized that he/she no longer has some of the albums in his/her collection. Or maybe he/she had not even listened to that album before? (gasp!)

If you find yourself wondering what its like to listen to Phish's David Bowie>Ziggy Stardust all the way through, for example, we invite you to check out the new blog Halloween, brAh!

Word on the street is new albums will be added. If you have a suggestion and a link, maybe leave a comment and see if it gets updated.

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Chris said...

Hey a bit off topic, but I was checking the F8 FAQ and it appears that we won't be allowed to bring a Coleman cooker into the campground. Nothing that produces a flame. Can anybody else confirm that or am I reading the FAQ wrong?