Thursday, September 03, 2009

Simplify Media - You Must Get This!!!

Yesterday morning I got an email from @discosis1, encouraging me to download the software from Simplify Media. She said it was cool, that I could have access to my friend's music on itunes as well as link my iphone to my home library.

I was busy and didn't get home till late last night to try it out.

In the 12 hours that I have had this software (7 of them sleeping) I have to say:


Example: Last night I was able to link to a couple of my friend's itunes libraries. I was able to discover a live recording of the David Byrne set from Bonnaroo '09 on Phil's computer in Houston, and play it instantly.

Intrigued, I paid for the iphone app ($5.99). This morning on my bike ride to work I was able to play 11/22/97 Set II Tweezer>Black Eyed Katy>Piper on my iphone, the music was on my home computer. I was also able to listen to some Amon Tobin from Jonas0tt0's computer as I ate a breakfast burito and sipped coffee at my desk. The only snag I ran into was when I lost the signal as I got on the elevator.

I feel like I have had an OH SHIT moment. I can't wait to have all my music loving friends set this up and we will be listening to each other's music with just a click.

If you already have the software, or if this sounds like a good time, you can invite me - my username is the same as my twitter name.

Check out the Cnet review.


jonas0tt0 said...

I have installed this application. I have a couple of questions.

Can you access my music if my computer is off?

Can you access my music if my computer is not connected to the internet?

I cant find your library.

the joker said...

yeah I think your computer has to be on and connected to the internet for another user to access the itunes music. for others to see your music it must be loaded in itunes. the libraries show up on you itunes under "shared libraries".

jonas0tt0 said...

got it working now. THIS IS SICK!

You can find me by inviting:


Parker said...

Simplify is great. I have used to access my collection throughout the house, from one computer to another for a long time. Only recently did I add a few other people- wow! Talk about expanding horizons of music.

And yes, the other's computer has to be on, connected to internet, and have Simplify running. You should set Simplify settings to automatically boot on start up so you don't forget.

About 100G of music if anyone wants to add me: parkerjh

crontegy said...

one question... does it continue to play music in the background on your iphone if you want to check your email or open another app like the ipod does? thats one thing that annoys me about Pandora. you have to keep the app open to hear music.


the joker said...

yup, it seems to have the same problem. i just tried to reply to a text on my iphone and the music stopped playing. so if its something you really like, you have to get it loaded on. but i think its cool we can sample each other's music, and know who has what.

crontegy said...

So by "loaded on" do you mean you can move music from any library to your iPhone and play it in your iPod?

the joker said...

no, you can't move someone else's music from their library with this software, you can only stream it. im saying if you want music to play all the time on your iphone it has to be loaded on your iphone. but im thinking that at least this way if you have been digging on a friend's music, eventually you can get a copy of it for yourself cause you know where that music is.

crontegy said...

Right on. Thanks Joker. Last question... So will it at least pause the current track and continue playing where it left off when open it again?

the joker said...

yup, it has a resume playing feature.

Anonymous said...

What if you don't use iTunes?

jonas0tt0 said...

it works with WinAmp, and WMP.

Katie & Amy said...

I have been using this for a while now and it is just the best!

Feel free to hit me up...

jonas0tt0 said...

im going to be listening to the Katie Fox collection for the next week. Some good shit in there!

April 47th said...

Thanks for pointing out this App.
It is amazing. Love this site. Living in Aus it's great to hear all the info on the Phish shows. Trying to find a way to get over for Halloween.
Anyone wants to Add me I'm ebolaboy.
Just setting up my rive at the moment so not a great amount on there but growing

Katie & Amy said...

@jonas0tt0 Thanks for the kind words...I am a download-a-holic!!

Also just uploaded iTunes 9...woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bring this to my attention! Music nirvana...looking forward to sharing/receiving music and being turned on to some new stuff.

You can hit me up @ gagepatterson. Beware some of my wife's stuff is on there, so don't old it against me!