Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Win Phish 8 tickets via Costume Contest

Photo by Slack Lalane

Hidden Track is holding a Halloween costume-idea contest in which the winner recieves free tickets to Phish 8. Besides sounding like an idea by my 3rd grade teacher, the glide magazine blog offers funny ideas from phan's vying for free admission. Based on the responses and other comments from Goat's post last week, Phish 8 should be a menagerie of phish animals, song/album representations, movie/book characters and the ever present slutty chick costumes (my personal favorite).

I have been inspired to start my own costume contest. All phans with slutty chick costume ideas are encouraged to post links to #1's in the comments section below. Judging will be done by the Coventry crew, and the winner will receive a half drunk bottle of wild turkey in Indio, presented by the stumbling yet virile author of this post. Good luck and see you on lot.

For more copy cat fun, check out a similar headspin post in which phans try and guess what album will be covered at Indio.

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